C. Koppenol, Cows and gooses by Dutch waters

Painting Lot A-81042
C. Koppenol
Cows and gooses by Dutch waters

44 x 68 cm



A typical Dutch landscape with waters and some animals. The painting presents a cloudy sky with a sun breaking through. Furthermore there is a tree with some grasslandscape surrounding. Four cows are grazing by the water. In the front some gooses are waddling. The painting is in an impressionistic styl.



At the age of 8, the family of Cornelis Koppenol moved to The Hague, there he had drawing lessons by Frifolin Becker. He studied for over six years at The Hague Art Academy. Koppenol painted in a diverse range of topics, from watercolors, drawings and etching to lithographs of his landscapes, cityscapes, (farmers) interiors, figures, old buildings in The Hague, still lifes and scenes with many geese. His work is in the collections of the Hague Municipal Museum and the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo. Cornelis Koppenol is included in the National Art History Documentation Center (RKD) in The Hague, Netherlands. And he is mentioned in he ‘Lexicon Dutch Visual Artists 1750 – 1950’by Pieter A. Scheen.