Dutch School 17th Century, Travelers in South-European landscape

Painting Lot A-81026
Dutch School 17th Century
Travelers in South-European landscape

Oil on panel, 82 x 86 cm



This painting is painted by an artist contributing to the Dutch School. It must have been a painter travelling through Europe many times as this scene is not a Dutch one. On the painting, there are some travellers resting under a tree, one of them is on its horse. The landscape is mountainous in the south of Europe. The painting is painted in a romantic style. The painting comes with a hand gilded 17th/18th century frame.



The term ‘Dutch School’ was used for the first time in the 17th century to describe the style of the Dutch painters in that time. The Dutch School in the 17th century was inspired by the Golden Century. The painters that belong to this School were looking for a new version of realism, a faithful representation of daily life. This inlcudes: windmills, canals, farms, coasts and ships. Also scenes in the streets and on markets are often seen on the paitings in the style of the Dutch School.