Dutch School 19th Century, Sailing ships near Scheveningen beach

Painting Lot A-81022
Dutch School (19th century)
Sailing ships near Scheveningen beach

Oil on canvas, 62 x 83 cm



A beautiful beachside is painted on this painting, near the coast of Scheveningen. On the painting, there are several boats visible. On the beach a man in red in looking at the small rowing boat that is setting offshore. The painting is painted in an impressionistic style with a lot of natural colour tones. This painting comes without a frame.



The 19th century Dutch School is building on the existing Dutch School from the 17th and 18th century. Between 1810 and 1860 Dutch painters were fascinated by Romanticism. This shows in many of the paintings in the Netherlands during this period. In the second half of the 19th century, The Hague School is upcoming, looser and more freely than the Romanticism style. The influences of Impressionism are beginning to show in the style of  The Hague School as well during this time. Painters are inspired by French painters such as Monet and Renoir.