Dutch School 20th Century, Willows by a creek

Painting Lot A-81019
Dutch School (20th century)
Willows by a creek

Oil on canvas, 46 x 33,5 cm



Here, one can see the beautiful version of a Dutch landscape. The typical Dutch landscape was an inspiration for many artists in that time. This one is painted in the surroundings of Laren village in the middle of the Netherlands. It shows a creek with willows next to it. In the background some sheaves of wheat are visible. The style of the painting belongs to the Dutch school in the 19th century. (+ frame)



In the 20th century, the Dutch School was characterised by Luminism. Luminism, in turn, is inspired by pointillism. It is a form of pointillism in which the influences of Vincent van Gogh are clearly visible. Luminism comes back in many paintings of the Dutch School in the 20th century. Furthermore, Impressionism was still a very loved style by the Dutch School.