French School 19th Century, Swan pond

Painting Lot A-81016
French School (19th century)
Swan pond

Oil on canvas, 61 x 85 cm



The work of art here is made in the same period as the one before; it has the same kind of frame and the same size. Probably it is painted by the same master as the ‘fisher boat’. It reveals a part of a hidden palace or summer residence, next to a pond. In the pond, three swans are swimming. The painting has this summer evening feeling, enhanced by the light and the deep colour green of the trees. The unique frame of this painting is hand gilded with a 19th-century origin.



In the first half of the 19th century Prud’hon, Ingres, Horace Vernet, and Delaroche — artists of only moderate merit — were in great repute, and more deservedly the very brilliant landscape painter Rousseau. Millet, though, little valued during his lifetime, is now highly appreciated. Regnault, a very talented painter, who while yet young was killed at the siege of Paris in 1871, belongs to the latest development of French art.