French School 19th Century, Fisherboat

Painting Lot A-81015
French School (19th century)

Oil on canvas, 61 x 85 cm



This magnificent painting is painted in the late romanticism. Although the painter is unknown, the painting is of high quality. Most likely a landscape somewhere in the south of Europe. The painting shows a mountain landscape with in the middle a lake. On the lake, a man is fishing in its boat.  The nature scene is identical to the romantic style of painting. The unique frame of this painting is hand gilded with a 19th-century origin.



In the first half of the 19th century Prud’hon, Ingres, Horace Vernet, and Delaroche — artists of only moderate merit — were in great repute, and more deservedly the very brilliant landscape painter Rousseau. Millet, though, little valued during his lifetime, is now highly appreciated. Regnault, a very talented painter, who while yet young was killed at the siege of Paris in 1871, belongs to the latest development of French art.