H. Malaçon, Cows in a meadow, early morning

Painting Lot A-81028
Henri Malaçon (1876 – 1960)
Cows in a meadow, early morning

Oil on canvas, 129 x 161 cm



The painting by Malaçon is unique, not only because of its size but also because of the way it was painted. It is part of the Luminsm style, a continuing of impressionism, popular and famous in Belgium in that time. This painting is signed by Henri Malançon on the lower right. The painting is beautifully restored and has regained its inner beauty. The frame is beautiful a woodcraft, hand painted 18th/19th-century frame.



Henri Malançon was a well-known French Post-Impressionist painter, associated with Georges Braque and Pierre Bonnard. In 1904, after his military service, he entered the Julian Academy, where he learned painting. He stayed in regions where landscapes served as a source of inspiration for him. Henri Malaçon is included in the ‘Dictionnaire des peintres a Montmartre’ (‘the Dictionary of the painters in Montmartre’).