H.J. Dillens, Straw hut

Painting Lot A-81020
Hendrik Joseph Dillens (1812 – 1872)
Straw hut

Oil on canvas, 54 x 73 cm



This painting is a very nice example of genre painting in Belgium of that time. It illustrates a scene in the countryside. In the front, a farming family is painted with their cattle. Further backwards there is a river and a village with its church. The painting is signed with the monogram D., which is probably Hendrick Joseph Dillens the Belgium, genre painter. The painting comes without a frame.



Hendrik Joseph Dillens was a Belgian genre painter. He is part of a family of artists. He was a pupil at the Academy of Ghent and Maes Canini, and he probably taught his younger brother, Adolphe-Alexandre, who was also a genre painter. Hendrik Joseph Dillens spent most of his life in Brussels. He painted mainly genre scenes in oils and watercolours.