J.W. Pasman, Dutch landscape

Painting Lot A-81011
J.W. Pasman (1905 – 1984)
Dutch landscape

Oil on canvas, 40 x 80 cm



A unique painting by J. W. Pasman, instead of the quintessential winter landscape he was usually painting, is this an example of a beautiful summer scene. It is, nonetheless, a very Dutch scene with a traditional farm and mill portrayed, surrounded by the waterscape that characterises this area. The painting is in a late The Hague School-style with a hint of impressionism. The frame of this painting is hand painted of the 20th century.



Jan Willem Pasman started his own business as a house painter. Pasman travelled through many countries, like to France, Spain and North Africa countries, which inspired him for his arts and where he made on the spot sketches, which were basics for his oil paintings. Pasman belonged to ‘The Leidsche School’. Pasman was so great that he worked for the Rijksmuseum in the winter months. In periods with less work, he restored, among other things, paintings of Rembrandt. Pasman has even painted with Queen Wilhelmina (reigned from 1898 to 1948, the Netherlands). Jan Willem Pasman is included in the National Art History Documentation Center (RKD) in The Hague, Netherlands.