L.L.T. Clesse, Trees running along a ditch

Painting Lot A-81008
Louis Liévin Théophile Clesse (1889 – 1961)
Trees running along a ditch

Oil on canvas, 80 x 60 cm



With this scene, the painter tries to fix the specific moment in time. The autumn, winter feeling with the trees without leaves and the sun that is setting and creating this typical red colour of light. The trees are standing in rows following the canal next to it. In contrast to many of his Dutch colleagues in his time, Clesse uses more vivid colours. The frame is hand painted early and from the 20th century.



Louis Clesse had a strong passion for realistic and impressionistic landscapes. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Elsene and was discovered as a very outstanding student who won many prizes. Clesse was a well-known painter of landscapes and harbour scenes, still lives and portraits. Louis Clesse has been included in several respectable documentaries respectable documentaries including the ‘Lexicon of West Flemish artists’, a lexicon of artists from the 13th century.