M.H. Koekkoek, Bridge and castle at evening light

Painting Lot A-81038
M.H. Koekkoek (20th century)
Bridge and castle at evening light

Oil on canvas, 32 x 45.5 cm



This beautiful painting by Koekoek is the representation of a palace in the Netherlands, hidden in nature. In the lower front of the painting, there is a point, with a bridge going over it. As the title suggests, the painting is painted during the twilight of a summer evening. The frame of this painting is a unique version of a hand painted the 19th-century Barbizon frame.



When M. H. Koekkoek lived exactly, is unknown. What is known about him is that he is a member of the famous painters family Koekkoek. And that he lived round the 19th century. He moved to England to paint there. His family exists out of famous art painters in the Netherlands. The famlily member with artistic aspiration started in the 18th century and produced 15 talented members all active in the art world. The Koekkoek familiy is included in the  National Art History Documentation Center (RKD) in The Hague, Netherlands.