C. de Bruin, Mother and child

Painting Lot A-81001
Cornelis de Bruin (1870 – 1940)
Mother and child

Oil on canvas, 69 x 56 cm



On this beautiful painting, a mother and a child are portrayed. The painting is probably a scene located in the South-west of the Netherlands (Zeeland) as the mother is wearing a traditional Dutch cap. The child is sitting at a table by the window, while the mother is plating her food. The painting is in an impressionistic style, with modest colours and a unique, typical Dutch characterful interplay of light and shadow. This painting has a very beautiful and unique gilded feather frame.



Cornelis de Bruin is a highly-respected art painter in the Netherlands. From 1893 – 1896 Cornelis de Bruin studied at the National Academy of Fine Art in Amsterdam. He is known for his paintings of landscapes in an impressionist style, still life’s, animals, and flowers. Besides a famous painter, he was also a potter, graphic artist, a lithographer and designer.  Cornelis de Bruin signed his favourite paintings with ‘Corns de Bruin ft’, ‘Corns de bruin’ or with ‘C. de Bruin’. Cornelis de Bruin is included in the National Art History Documentation Center (RKD) in The Hague, Netherlands, in the ‘Lexicon Dutch Visual Artists 1750-1950’ by Pieter A. Scheen, a reputable and standard reference source in the Netherlands.