H.J. Bellaard, Sheeps in the pasture

Painting Lot A-81004
Hendrik Johannes Bellaard (1896 – 1975)
Sheeps in the pasture

Oil on canvas, 40 x 80 cm



‘Sheep in the Pasture’ is painted in a charming impressionistic style. It shows the tranquillity of the Dutch country life in the 19th century. In the painting, a landscape with a hurdle of sheep with their shepherd is illustrated. In the background, there is a traditional sheepfold. The heathlands are blossoming, and the trees show brown colours, this means the painting is painted at the end of the summer, August most likely. This painting has a beautiful hand painted 19th-century frame.



Hendrik Johannes Bellaard, otherwise known as Henk Bellaard, started his career as a decoration painter for companies. He decorated for well-known companies in the Netherlands (including Philips-factories and the Dutch Railways) as well as in the United States and Canada. Later on, he focused on paintings. He had an impressionist style and painted mostly landscapes with rivers, wood and farmers, village scenes and still lifes. Hendrik Johannes Bellaard is included in the National Art History Documentation Center (RKD) in the Netherlands, in the Lexicon Dutch Visual Artists 1750 – 1950′ by Pieter A. Scheen., and in the database of the ‘Documentation of Fine Arts’ in South-Holland.