F. Stroobant, Ship on rough sea

Painting Lot A-81002
François Stroobant (1819 – 1916)
Ship on rough sea

Oil on canvas, 80 x 100 cm



This amazing painting pictures three sailing boats rocking on a rough sea. There is a larger boat in the front and two smaller ones on the background. The clouds are dark and heavy, and the sea is restless. This art piece is painted in a romantic style; it shows the greatness of nature and insignificance of the human being. The painting is accompanied by a gold painted, 19th-century frame.



François Stroobant is a Belgium painter. He started his career as a lithographer. He studied at the Brussel Academy of Fine Art and became the director there later in his career. He painted mostly city landscapes, old churches and vessels on rough seas. He travelled through many European countries, where he made on-the-spot sketches and watercolours, which were basics for his oil paintings, lithographs and etchings. He is included in the National Art History Documentation Center (RKD) in the Netherlands.