A.J. van Driesten, Creek in Dutch landscape

Painting Lot A-81006
Arend Jan van Driesten (1878 – 1969)
Creek in Dutch landscape

Oil on canvas, 78 x 113 cm



In this painting, a typical Dutch landscape is pictured, with the waterscape Holland is famous for. In the front, there is the water with the clear reflection of the cloudy sky. Further backwards there are some trees, characterised by the impressionistic style of painting. In the middle of the painting, on the horizon, a Dutch village is visible with its mill and church. If one looks closely, there is even the sail of a ship that can be spotted in the background. The painting is signed in the lower right corner by A. J. van Driesten. The painting comes with a unique gilded 19th century frame.



A. J. van Driesten was a talented painter with his own style and is a famous Dutch painter. He belonged to the group of the ‘Leyden School’ (also called the ‘Leyden Impressionism’). Driesten was famous for his ‘Driesten-air’: air is often dominated by particular drama, dark silhouettes against the horizon, dark sky with shadows. Driesten received the Willink van Collen Price, a former Dutch prize for Art that was awarded between 1880 and 1950. Many of his works are recognised and included in the collection of Cultural Heritage of the Netherlands as well in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Van Driesten is included in the National Art History Documentation Center (RKD) in The Hague, he is also mentioned in the ‘Lexicon Dutch Visual Artists 1750 – 1950’ of Pieter A. Scheen and in the database of ‘Documentation of Fine Art in South-Holland’.