E. Pieters, Diptych Dutch landscape

Painting Lot A-81023
Evert Pieters (1856– 1932)
Diptych Dutch landscape

Oil on panel, 18 x 23,5 cm each



This diptych exists out of two paintings that belong together, they represent the Dutch countryside, in breezy weather. The left painting shows some trees by a river. The light is extremely beautiful, in an impressionistic style. The right painting shows a slightly different kind of scene with a house in a swamplike landscape. This part of the painting has a small piece of the river on the left side of the painting that continues on the other one. This, plus the fact the frames are identical verifies that these masterpieces belong together. Both paintings are signed. The one in the lower left corner and the other in the lower right corner. Both frames a hand gilded and are 19th century originated.



Evert Pieters belonged to one of the most Dutch famous art painters. Evert Pieters started at the age of 22 to follow evening classes at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp while he worked as a decorator in daytime. Evert Pieters was enormously talented and had quite much success when he submitted his paintings to the first and second world expo in 1883 and 1894 in Antwerp. His style was very broadly: landscapes, fishing men, men on horses on the beach, lush gardens and sunny scenes with children. Evert Pieters had much success in the United States with his interiors with person paintings. Evert Pieters is included in the National Art History Documentation Center (RKD) in The Hague, Netherlands, he is also mentioned in the ‘Lexicon Dutch Visual Artists 1750 – 1950’ by Pieter A. Scheen, and in the database of the ‘Documentation of Fine Arts’ in North-Holland, part of ‘ART Index’.